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I made this second blog so I could follow people without getting my galleries in a tangle, and so I could post lighter humoured things about the whole images of ladies in armor thing … so here I go with my first offering.

This wonderful bit of inspired silliness is from Nebeziel on DA.

It may be very silly, but it’s still the best reason for chain mail bikinis I’ve seen so far!

May or may not have shared this already, but I think it’s a brilliant take on dumb, impractical women’s armor.

Christina, parts 1 and 2, by Tatiana Kirgetova for Legend of the Cryptids

Since the game’s release in 2012, I’ve been pretty dubious about Legend of the Cryptids. LotC is a card game app from Applibot Inc, filled with spectacular artwork, but with a penchant for impractical armor and gratuitous cleavage.Based on the art I saw in the ads or posted to DeviantArt and Tumblr, I pretty much dismissed the game as kitschy, hyper-idealized, and hyper-sexualized* (which much of it is). Here recently, however, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of non-revealing, more-protective armor worn by heroines from certain Cryptids artists. Tatiana had several excellent portraits, but Christina here was the heroine who really caught my eye.

There were a lot of things that stood out about Tatiana’s character amid the hundreds of paintings for Cryptids (on top of not looking either sultry or pissed, which seem to be the default expressions for most LotC ladies). I think what was most distinctive about Christina was the story told by the contrast between her expressions in the before and after images. According to Tatiana’s descriptions, the first image is from when Christi finished her final training as a knight and received her first real sword. Unfortunately, once in the service, she finds herself fighting other people instead of the demons and monsters she was expecting. The sense of wonder in the first image versus the loss of innocence in the second image is as telling as it is unmistakable. I applaud Tatiana for the humanity portrayed in her character and find myself wanting to hug Christi in both pictures.

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"These women fought bravely, and were reported to be the last to retreat."

To read on the role of women during the Spanish Civil War, read Lisa Lines’ article, Female Combatants in the Spanish Civil War: Milicianas on the Front Lines and in the Rearguard.

By odd coincidence, I had Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” playing while viewing these. That last pic in particular fit the mood pretty well.


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I will never like or reblog art that doesn’t give the name of the artist and/or copyright holder. Give credit where credit is due.

I’ve occasionally ‘liked’ pics with no source given, but the only sourceless pics I’ve reblogged have been to inquire who the source was. However, I do like this policy and think it best if everyone tries to implement it.

Mama Gkika from Girl Genius, by Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio

One of my favorite Girl Genius characters remains Jäger General Gkika, or “Mama” to her boyz. Gkika is a Jägermonster, part of the army of humanoid wrecking machines, created by and fanatically loyal to the House Heterodyne. As an officer in the Jäger Corps, Mama is kind of a BAMF. She’s hundreds of years old. She’s led thousands of conquests for the bloodthirsty Heterodynes. She runs a bar that serves hundreds of tourists but is a front for a refuge for wounded Jägers. She can change her skin color at will. She gives orders just fine in a dress and can beat the snot out of an armed pirate while wearing nightclothes. But perhaps most impressively, Mama is on a first-name basis with Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, most powerful and ruthless tyrant in the world and ruler of the Wulfenbach Empire.

One thing to remember about the Girl Genius setting is that there’s no telling what an outfit is made of. With a world full of mad science and sparks, Mama’s coat might be regular wool or cotton, or it might be a bullet- and acid-proof polymer that self-regenerates. Similarly, her scale pants might be a decorative, polished bronze, or they may be a spark-designed alloy that absorbs electrical attacks and throws them back at their source. Mama’s battleaxe may be a standard Medieval weapon, or it may convert into a throat-seeking drone that flies around and chops heads off. Anything goes with the amazing and smartly built world given to us by the Professors Foglio.

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