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Surviver by Tim Löchner

With no outside context for the image, it’s interesting to speculate as to what exactly our heroine is surviving. Has there been a new ice age, entombing most of the world in unending winter? Or was she driven from her home by invaders, now waging a winter guerrilla war against those who cast her out? Or is she a pathfinder, perhaps, scouting the terrain for an arctic expedition? The story possibilities are endless.

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Pirate King Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

It’s a common trope in pirate filmography where the Governor’s kidnapped daughter replaces the kidnapped princess as the story’s damsel in distress. One of my favorite aspects of Elizabeth Swann’s character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films is that she really only serves this function for the first third of the first movie. After her initial rescue, her usefulness increases a hundredfold. From there on out she battles cursed pirates, regular pirates, giant sea monsters, and mutant fish-people  beside the rest of the heroes with a believable level of skill and with a minimum of screaming.

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Silenna “Lenna” Gardane of Amya Chronicles written by Savannah Houston-McIntyre and Andrew Hewitt with illustrations by Rebecca Gunter-Ryan

One of the aspects of Lenna’s character I admire most is how seamlessly she transitions from guerrilla fighter to Faye’s bodyguard—-and without ever really being asked to. Verily, she’s one of the most well-balanced characters I’ve ever seen in terms of both her role in the narrative and her role within the party. She’s quick and stealthy yet still physically imposing. Serious and competent, but maintains a light sense of humor. Muscular and athletic without being pumped or ripped. Strong and battle-hardened without sacrificing her beauty or femininity.

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Twi’lek Explorer, by Tony Foti

With all of the focus on civil wars, epic battles, and galactic politics, it’s easy to forget that there is also exploration and adventure to be found throughout the Star Wars Universe. I was immediately reminded of this fact when I first ran across this thrill-seeking Twi’lek lass on Tony’s Facebook page. While I haven’t gotten her name or phone number (yet), I do know that she’s from Enter the Unknown, an expansion book from Edge of the Empire, by Fantasy Flight Games.

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Longboat Captain, by Dmitry Burmak

On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore.
—-Led Zeppelin, “Immigrant Song”

On top of the smart attire, I love the strength of character found in Dmitry’s Longboat Captain. She’s not some raging barbarian likely to go berserk without a moment’s notice, nor some doll-faced SI model posing for a fantasy-metal album cover. No, by all appearances, our captain is a competent warrior and leader of men. I find it easy to imagine her readying her bow as her longboat pursues an English cog, her posture and expression saying, “run, Limey, I dare you.”

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soursundaes submitted:

How to genderbend, according to Resident Evil Official Art:

Option A: Remove Shirt
Obtion B: Remove Pants


The man is the Resident Evil character HUNK, the woman is the female gendered swapped HUNK, so this is the same character but apparently when she becomes a woman, she loses her pants. -_o

So you’re walking into zombie-infested territory where a bite or scratch might doom you to be a zombie, but you don’t wear pants.  That makes sense.  It’s like she was on a beach somewhere when duty called and she hurriedly put on her equipment, jacket, boots, then was like “oh crap!  I forgot to put on my pants!” but it was too late and she had to move out.

I mean, I don’t mind that they added a skirt. But really, it’s a horribly bad idea to leave the legs bare! Not to mention, it looks… well, stupid.

Yes. “Stupid” is a very good adjective.

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